Sample Our Care!

We welcome you to spend a day with us free of any charges to sample our food, ambience and care at Langley Court. These are carried out between the hours 10.00am – 5.00pm.

Personal Care 

Our team of Carers will ensure you receive support tailored to your specific needs, expect a discreet approach in a way that’s promotes your dignity and most comfortable to you.

Our home also is fitted with specialised hoisting equipment that ensures delivery of care in the safest way possible.

Continence Management

Continence Care routine is part of our daily provision and apply to those on a needs basis.

Our team are trained in monitoring, being responsive in ensuring the correct clinical support is at hand from the community and professionals.

Food Assistance

Our Kitchen Team are at hand to listen to your choices and wishes!

We provide a varied, healthy and well balanced meal programme that factors in your cultural and religious needs in meal preparations.

Psychological Support

We are proud to call Langley Court a ‘home’.

Whatever the need and support may be we are here to listen to you and welcome you as part of our family!

Medication Assistance

Our medication trained Carers will ensure you receive the right level of medication support both from us and medical professionals.

From ordering, handling, storing and administration of medication to can feel assured your medical needs will be met.

24hr Support

We provide waking Carers round the clock both day and night.

We believe in the importance of Carers being available and at hand to provide the appropriate level of support.

We take your safety seriously.

Involvement of Family

& Friends

Partnership and collaborative working forms the culture of our home.

We encourage active involvement and its input from loved ones. Our aim is to create an atmosphere where we can be proud to call Langley Court a ‘home’ for all and you are supported as you wish.

Staff Understanding

of Care Needs

Our Carers undergo a robust and in depth training programme with continuous learning and development.

We believe for Carers to provide outstanding quality care and support we continually learn the challenges residents may present but also the forever evolving nature of Adult Care.

Provision of Suitable Facilities

Our home is designed with facilities that enable ease of accessibility and correct delivery of care and support.

Whether this be in the form of wheelchair accessibility ramps, bespoke people handling equipment or lift facility we are equipped to meet your needs.

Involving Residents

in Care Planning

Our residents are encouraged to engage and take part in care planning. We are clear in creating plans that puts our residents at the heart of all decisions, opportunity for our residents to exercise their choices and wishes and empower them to live their life at a pace that suits them!


Excellent service and care Our relative, having dementia, stayed at Langley Court Rest Home for 5 days prior to moving to his son’s house. The service and care provided was excellent.